That night, Hook up guides that have Emma into the diner, in which Robin’s aftermath is being kept

Emma persuades your to go to additional basic very she can split the news lightly so you can Regina. Hook do once the she asks, nevertheless when a great tremor erupts in the city, he rushes directly into check out the woman. Regina is astonished and you may enraged one Connect is back if you’re Robin has been dead, however, sets aside the girl feelings and only protecting the town away from possibility. Hook up and the heroes check out the new clock tower, where they find out the tremor lead off Mr. Silver tethering Storybrooke’s miracle on the a bit of brand new Olympian Amazingly. Just before they can find Mr. Silver, Henry vanishes to New york to the amazingly, intending to ruin this new secret within it. During the concern the fresh erasure away from wonders can cause Storybrooke in order to drop-off, Emma and you may Regina go after Henry, if you find yourself Link and the other people publish Merida, the Merry People and you can Camelot visitors to their houses. But not, Zelena’s make an effort to close the site happens wrong, once the she, Snowfall, David, and Hook is drawn on the some other world. Since their best way domestic, the new Apprentice’s rod, try busted, it search miracle from a groundsman, Jekyll, to fix they. Jekyll is too terrified to assist them to, prior to he can make certain they are get-off, an orderly entitled Poole arrives in order to amazingly taser the team into unconsciousness. Whenever Hyde chokes Link for proving recognition along side title, Snowfall persuades your to avoid of the discussing how they came to it realm on account of Mr. Silver and his want to cut Belle into Olympian Amazingly. If you’re Hyde was away, Jekyll agrees to resolve the brand new rod for them if they grab your using them after they go home. (“Just You”)

Hook later gets upwards when you look at the an effective caged mobile, together with friends, where the warden, Hyde, will pay him or her a visit and you may accuses her or him of working on the Dark You to definitely

While the heroes watch for Jekyll, Killian attempts to select the lock together with hook hand, and that Zelena mocks him having. He, in turn, blames her to get him or her towards that it clutter just like the she did not manage the fresh wand properly. Whenever she threatens to transmit him back to the new Underworld, David intervenes to eliminate they both of fighting. Jekyll frees them, not, he destroyed the newest rod so you’re able to Hyde. Once they get to the outside city, Jekyll provides the heroes with a beneficial backstory from the house, which is the home of people of most of the backgrounds that have escaped off some dangers. It remain in Hyde’s household, in which Jekyll comes to an end while making a purple serum so you can defeat the brand new warden forever, but Poole can make your consume a bluish solution you to definitely forces Hyde so you can manifest within the body. Whenever Zelena’s magic seem to does not have any affect Hyde, the fresh heroes flee the house. Immediately after Hyde requires this new red-colored gel to separate themselves and you may Jekyll, the group come back over time to store Jekyll. Just like the heroes and you will Jekyll attempt to get out of the urban area, they come upon Hyde. With phenomenal help from the latest Homes In the place of Magic, a portal opens, letting them return home. (“An Untold Story”)

On the return to Storybrooke, Emma informs Connect one to she enjoys your, once the everything obtained experienced have fundamentally offered their the brand new courage so you can say they

While Emma is actually kissing that have Connect within their household, brand new both see the dining table shaking and you can go external, recognizing a beneficial dirigible regarding the air. It and other townspeople stick to the airship towards the forest, where Hyde is immune so you’re able to Emma and you will Regina’s wonders. Before leaving, Hyde warns them of those throughout the dirigible, whoever untold tales will soon gamble aside. Hook up touches the brand new look within crashed airship to get scraps wanted to forge yet another firearm so you can overcome Hyde. Emma enjoys a moment away from wonder whenever she grows a hand tremor and you will sees a combat to experience out in her own notice, but she has it so you’re able to by herself and you will assures Accumulated snow and you will Link that the woman is great. Immediately after Hyde try captured, Hook and you may David get ready for taking your to the sheriff’s vehicle, when Hyde states all is not correct which have Emma, who has been which have hand tremors. Link spends the night about trees finding Hyde’s shed anyone, and you may Emma later on profile one her parents keeps delivered them to Granny’s having as well as security. Emma observes a purple bird, a comparable animal one to Hyde informed her to follow along with, when the she wishes to understand cause of their tremors, not, she does not want Hook to understand and you can as an alternative informs him in order to exit this lady by yourself. Connect thinks she’s avoiding your and even sees this lady hand moving, but the guy fundamentally really does because she requires, as opposed to wondering their more. Next, he goes to new diner for. Emma concerns compensate having your and you may lies to help you your throughout the their palpitations are considering be concerned. Later on, Hook up helps with supplying blankets so you’re able to Hyde’s anyone. (“This new Savior”)