Inter Western College of Puerto Rico is actually ____

Habit Exercise ___ 5. (A) my personal school’s identity (B) my schools’ label (C) title regarding my college or university ___ six. A: Do their sibling particularly ____ brand new business? B: Sure, she really does. She claims the woman the new efforts are quite interesting. (A) his (B) her (C) she ___ eight. A: When is the birth date? B: ____ birth big date is found on February seventh. (A) Me personally (B) Exploit (C) My personal ___ 8. College students should avoid using ____ cellular phones throughout the categories. (A) the (B) it (C) her or him

Behavior Do so ___ 9. My rabbit’s name’s Bunny. ____ fur can be so flaccid. (A) Its’ (B) The (C) It’s ___ ten. A: Is that ____ purse with the stop? B: Yes, it’s. (A) yours (B) their (C) you may be ___ eleven. A: Who would so it flat fall into? B: It is ____ flat. (A) Mike and you will Sue’s (B) Mike’s and you can Sue (C) Mike’s and Sue’s ___ 12. A: Have you any a°dea which is ____ favorite scent? B: Yes. Their favorite aroma try “Polo Sport”. (A) Carlo’s (B) Carlos’ (C) Carlos

Practice Do it ___ thirteen. For each and every june, Mr. and Mrs. Rios generate reservations within the _____ most readily useful rooms. (A) San Juan’s (B) San’s Juan (C) San Juans ___ 14. My personal most readily useful ____ names is actually Ralph, Edward and you can Dora. (A) friend’s (B) family relations (C) friends’ ___ 15. A: Whose vehicle keys are such? B. They are my ____ car secrets. (A) brothers’-in-legislation (B) brother-in-law’s (C) brother’s-in-legislation ___ sixteen. You and I must rating ____ passport in advance of planing a trip to Venezuela. (A) we (B) our very own (C) you

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Behavior Do so ___ 17. ____ restaurants try supported. Are you ready for eating? (A) Your own (B) You may be (C) Your very own ___ 18. Mr. Martinez acquisitions ____ june dresses during the winter. (A) his (B) he (C) her ___ 19. I always view ____ reacting host whenever i get back home. (A) mine (B) my personal (C) me personally ___ 20. The computer demands ____ hard drive in order to mode. (A) it’s (B) its’ (C) its

Behavior Exercise Respond to Key • C eleven. An excellent • Good twelve. B • B thirteen. An excellent • B 14. C • C 15. B • B 16. B • C 17. An excellent • A 18. A beneficial • B 19. B • B 20. C

Practice Exercise Investigations Complete Correct Responses: 20 Excellent:Visit the Article Shot. 19 Pretty good:Remark the incorrect answer and you can look at the Post Sample. 18-12Good:Review a bad solutions, consult new component once again right after which look at the Article Test. eleven orYou You need A lot more Behavior:Analysis the newest module, opinion lessthe regulations cautiously and you can do the behavior practise once again. After you understand the legislation and you may change your get, it’s also possible to check out the Article Try.

My personal classmates and i also would ____ college strategies together

Post Decide to try Guidelines: Understand each do so cautiously and pick an informed answer. ___ step one. ____ vehicles is within the auto mechanic shop. (A) Bobs (B) Bob’s (C) Bobs’ ___ 2. My ____ cousin is actually my personal aunt. (A) mother’s (B) moms and dads (C) mothers’ ___ step three. Essentially into the a marriage, the latest ____ skirt is light. (A) brides’ (B) bride’s (C) brides ___ cuatro. A: Whose portable is it? B: It’s ____ cellphone. (A) Anas (B) Anas’ (C) Ana’s ___ 5. The latest ____ presents are on the center dining table on the lobby town. (A) guests’ (B) Chicago escort sites guest’s (C) visitors

Blog post Take to ___ 6. Ronnie’s dog are amicable. ____ puppy is additionally most obedient. (A) Him (B) The guy (C) Their ___ seven. A: Do you really such Adriana’s date? B: Sure, I really do. ____ boyfriend are a modest gentleman. (A) Their (B) She (C) Hers ___ 8. (A) us (B) all of our (C) ours ___ 9. Canine wags ____ end whether it observes dining. (A) the (B) it is (C) its’ ___ 10. You and Elena need to sign ____ PELL Give files. (A) yours (B) your’s (C) your